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Endangered Species and Rare Butterflies

Endangered Species

Being an enthusiast and love for these creatures made me want to learn more about what I can do as a person being part of the universe. In Boston Museum of Science or MOS they have a butterfly audotorium. Though it is very small and the largest one is in NYC Science Museum. Yet it was a great learning experience being able to listen, communicate and interact with these species. They had so many species from Swallowtail to Red Glider. It was extraordinary to see such vibrancy and serenity. I love going to this every month it is therapeutic. Unfortunately this is the only way to protect them is by captivity. It is said that when they land on you it is good luck. In many religions butterflies are a good omen. With these species slowly dying out it does not just effect natural course but also many beliefs.

Endangered and Rare Butterfly Facts