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What's With the Backyard Chickens?

After the massive egg recall and the exposure of the cruel and unsanitary conditions in many "factory farms", you were probably left pondering egg carton claims in search of the healthiest eggs. One surefire solution: raising a handful of your own backyard chickens, giving you complete control over egg quality. Home-raised chickens may not be an option for everybody, but they are more of an option than you may think. Backyard chickens are permitted in many communities, and in many cases, towns that have prohibited chickens in the past are being successfully lobbied to change their local ordinances.

A Few Reasons to Raise Backyard Chickens.

1. Fresh, nutritious, and healthy eggs. Healthy birds that forage and are fed fresh food produce eggs that are lower in cholesterol and fat and are free of dangerous pathogens.
2. Chickens are not expensive to maintain. You can supplement their diet with kitchen scraps and yard trimmings.
3. Chickens contribute to the organic maintenance of your garden by eating bugs and producing high-quality compost.
4. Small flocks can help save heritage breeds from extinction.
5. Chickens make fun and entertaining pets. Really.

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