This collection of drawings highlights the behavior of line. Using different media and size-format, I focused mainly upon the form and composition of line, keeping the subject matter fairly the same throughout the body of work. The singularity of color, the contrast between the material and the white paper, the additive quality of material, and sparseness of description are reoccurring themes to this group of work.

The most important technique I utilized is the continuous, unbreakable line. Crossing from form to form, each new subject or object in the space is connected to its adjacent subject or object and so on, therefore visually linking the entirety of the composition. The interacting lines create one continuous, organic body.

Whether referencing from life, photograph, or my own paintings, I viewed positive and negative forms and space by the lines they created when they encountered one another. Through this continuous unbroken line, the composition becomes one functioning organism, where each subject "draws" life and representational definition from all of the interconnecting lines