To offer artists affordable work space; to create an artist-driven gallery; to develop programs that extend the arts and artists into the greater community; and to create the foundation for a community in which the arts and artists can flourish.


Current Show

photo of postcard for Keith and Marks Show

Marc Lawrence's work obsessively explores the signs and symbols that decorate the city by integrating light, composition, and color with these ordinary visual elements that permeate a city existence. These sculptures are not replications of a contemporary downtown setting, but rather reconstructed samples of our surroundings.

Keith Tabellione's new work delves into the relationship between the objects an individual collects throughout their lives and the memories that stem from them. Tabellione contains and seals personal objects and consequently memories into jars, which create an enveloping environment that allows the viewers to examine their own memories and history. Tabellione graduated from the Museum School in Boston and founded the ArtStar Project in 2000.