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Welcome To Salad Club!

Salad Club was invented at O-AT-KA Milk Products, Co-OP, Inc. in Batavia, New York by several employees who strove to improve the work-day lunch routine. For your typical office employee, lunch involves one of these options:

1) Ordering in delivery

2) Going out to eat

3) Bringing in lunch from home

The employees at O-AT-KA came together and decided that a collaborative effort would help them develop a healthier alternative. This became the Salad Club of today. The concept was simple. Each member of the club would pay ten dollars at the beginning of each week and that money would be used to buy groceries in bulk. Each day at around 11:45 am, one or two employees would go into the kitchen and begin preparing the meal, which always consisted of a large salad, occasionally subsidized by breads, cheeses, and other sides. Around noon, the rest of the club members would arrive and everyone would eat a delicious, healthy meal together. Each member was assured a sizable portion of salad, along with whatever sides were included, every Monday through Friday. This breaks down to 2$ per day! No restaurant can beat it, and it is much healthier.

I am proud to say that I was a member of that first Salad Club. Years later, I decided to start a franchise Salad Club at my new job. The new club has been going strong for over half a year now, and we are getting requests from other offices in the area that they would like to start their own clubs as well. This is very exciting news indeed! This website was created to help any company that wishes to start their own Salad Club, and to support its longevity. Here you will find all the tools you need, from links to local grocery stores in your area, to recipes, and a community members blog. In the spirit of its initial collaborative effort, please post to the online forum often! We are all interested in how you “make lunch matter!”

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! Let us know ideas for recipes, club management, who has been washing the dishes, and how you "make lunch matter!" View Larger Map

We may be reached at:

Carl's Corner

As founder of Salad Club, Carl has a lot of insight! Make sure to check back every week for tips on how to best prepare the salad. And - most importantly - how to enjoy yourself while you work!

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