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Slash your drug-testing costs by eliminating unnecessary urine tests and send the message of zero tolerance.


With random alcohol and drug testing it is often difficult to discover substance abuse episodes. Link


MobileBreath® technology is the only mobile alcohol use detection system that uses two biometrics (face and voice)


Automated-Self Administered-Breath Alcohol Screen. BreathcheK is reliable and fast. It automates breath testing.

Streetime Technologies

The mission of StreeTime Technologies is to provide high value public safety and program complaince tools for supervision, corrections and addictions treatment markets. The company designs, manufactures and markets various supervision products that...


MobileBreath October 4, 2011

BreathcheK April 15, 2010

Passpoint April 15, 2010

Sleeptime April 1, 2010



PassPointâ„¢ Drug Abuse Screening System Ocular Motor Drug Screening Eye-based self administered prescreening for medium to large drug testing dramatically reduces urinalysis...