Slash your drug-testing costs by eliminating unnecessary urine tests and send the message of zero tolerance
The PassPoint™ Drug Abuse Screening System is a drug and alcohol screening toolsEye-based self-administered prescreening for medium to large drug testing. The PassPoint™ Drug Abuse Screening System dramatically reduces urinalysis costs and labor costs while improving client processing efficiency.
Ocular Motor Drug Screening increases drug screening and use deterrence with the added benefit of lowering costs. PassPoint™ fits into your drug testing program as the first step in the routine drug screening process.


BreathcheK is reliable and fast. It automates breath testing. With a 30 second self administered screen detect down to .002 BAC with the passive screen. If alcohol is detected, the administrator conducts an evidentiary test and is able to automatically record the actual BAC level into a database. Reporting and tracking are fully automated and require no paperwork. Results can be emailed to an officer or case manager instantly. To take the test the offenders enters their PIN and electronically validates their fingerprint, voice, and image. They self administer a breathalyzer screen. If an evidentiary test is required due to a positive passive test then this can easily be administered by an officer, technician or case manager at the BreathcheK Kiosk. When the screen is complete they tear off a receipt with their printed results which indicate either Negative or Positive with name, officer name, time of the test, and date.


The MobileBreath® Continuous Alcohol Monitoring System is reliable and fast. It automates breath alcohol testing. With a 90 second enrollee administered breath alcohol screen. MobileBreath® will detect down to .001 BAC. Results can be emailed or text messaged to an administrator or case manager instantly. MobileBreath® is accurate using the United States Department of Transportation approved AL 9000 AlcoMate® Fuel Cell breath testing technology. MobileBreath is small and lightweight. It is stored and transported in a stylish computer bag.

MobileBreath® technology is the only mobile alcohol use detection system that uses two biometrics (face and voice) and validate the enrollee’s identity on each required test. The system transmits Breath Alcohol level and identity data using cellular technology. Expand your alcohol testing program to the client’s home—work—the road and anywhere they may go at any time. Lighten your staff’s load while increasing accountability.