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keith tabellione and Marc Lawrence May 18 - June 30, 2002

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"It's Just Like the Movies, The Sequel, 1st Thur. Opening, July 4- Aug. 11

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"Explorations In Drawing" Feb. 14 - March 31, 2002


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Li'l Red Shack Gallery Presents:
Past Show:

“Explorations In Drawing"

An Exhibition of multi-media works and installation by:
Colleen Hayward, Mark Zirpel, and Claudia Hollander-Lucas

February 14 – March 31st,2002
Opening reception: 2nd Thursday, Feb.14th 6-10pm

Claudia Hollander-Lucas, Colleen Hayward and Mark Zirpel are three visual artists whose works represent personal applications of “drawing” as a guiding framework for a body of work. Each singular angle on drawing distinguishes the unique set of strategies by which each person manifests works in every other medium. Together they cannot but contribute to that primary and revealing activity: drawing.

All three artists are fascinated with the phenomenal: Hollander-Lucas questions cultural perceptions from her interior, driven to articulate an intellectual dialectic via codes and patterns. She rephrases her findings and propositions with a vocabulary that derives from printmaking. Hayward applies gesture as a means to an image. The structure that becomes a motif mirrors the systematic participation in acts of collecting, sorting, and layering into solid and reduced abstract forms. Zirpel investigates phenomena themselves, as elemental methods and substances. Nature comes through as magical and bound to mechanics, inspired by the beauty of the mineral and organic.

The works on view may or may not fit one’s concept of “drawing”; instead they may represent the kinds of questions that lead an artist from observation to recognition and finally to creation.

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