Located At: 1028 1ST AVE. S, SEATTLE WA 98134
Hours: M-F 10am to 8pm


Studio Artists:

Keith Lewis
Chi Chi Singler
Jeff Zoloth
Richard Hutter
Pam McCarty Robins
Alegra Samuelson
Tiffany Samuelson
Mark Walling
Marc Lawrence
Patte Loper

ArtStar Staff

keith tabellione
Kim Hansen
Josie Bockelman
Dennis Kempe

Artists in Residence:

Jenny Heishman
Liz Tran



Liz Tran
Artist in Residence

I intend to piece together my surroundings to create a new urban landscape instpired by ones that I've experienced. Buildings play such a prominent role in our lives and are often overlooked. The buildings define a city and create an overall mood. Walking down a sidewalk in Venice is much different than walking down one in New York. I wish to create my own moods; my own places...(excerpt from Liz Tran's Letter of Intent...click for more.)


“I wish I was in the Circus” 2002
“Carnations Two” 2002
“Eugene” 2001

“That’s mine. There’s yours” 2002

“Three is too many” 2002

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