The Life of Keith Tabellione

Keith started the ArtStar Project with a mission and motivation to offer artists an affordable workspace.

ArtStar project sponsored an artist-driven gallery and developed programs that extend the arts and artists into the greater community, and, by doing so created a community in which the arts and artists could flourish.

As a result, Seattle had a special place for artists to meet and exchange ideas, to create art affordably, and offer the possibility for public exhibitions. The ArtStar Project enabled artists to work in a supportive environment that was deeply committed to the greater Seattle community. The ArtStar Project community consisted of artists working in a wide range of mediums.

keith tabellione artscape

One Person Exhibitions

Li’l Red Shack Gallery Seattle, WA.
Collusion Seattle, WA.
Art Space Seattle, WA.

Selected Group Exhibitions

The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA. “Traveling Scholars”
The Museum on the Circle Annapolis, MD. 1997
“7th Annual Photography Exhibit”
The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
“Fifth Year Exhibition & Competition”
The Bernard Tolle Gallery Boston, MA.
“Pet Paintings”
The Copley Society Of Boston
“Student show”
The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
“The Annual”
The Copley Society Of Boston
“Spr/Sum Members Exhibition”
“Fall Members Exhibition”
The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
“Graduating Student Exhibition”
Gallery Of The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
“December Exhibition And Sale”
“Boit Competition”
“Sculpture Exhibition”
“Photography Exhibition”
“January Student Exhibition”
“The Annual”
The Copley Society Of Boston
“Student Show”
Gallery Of The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
“Sculpture Exhibition”
“Boit Competition”
“Print And Paper Exhibition”
“January Student Exhibition”
Gallery Of The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
“The Annual”


Seattle Fringe Festival
“Brought into this world with love”
Mobius Boston, MA.
“Student Works”
Performed “Male Binding”
Gallery Of The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
“January Student Exhibition”
“Cell II” 10 Day Performance/Installation
Mobius Boston, MA
“Student Works”
Anderson Auditorium School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
A Multi-Day Performance Event
Performed “Breaking Through” And A Piece “Untitled”
Gallery Of The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
“Boit Competition”
“Cell I” 17 Hour Performance/Installation
Gallery Of The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
“Boit Competition”
“Utopia” Performance/Installation

Awards received

Fifth Year Traveling Scholarship Award
The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
Best Pet On A Leash Award
Bernard Tolle Gallery Boston, MA.
Sculpture Award
The Copley Society Of Boston
Photography Award
The Copley Society Of Boston
Photography Award And Best Overall Award
Mad Hatters Art Exhibition
Boit Award
The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
Student Show Award
The Copley Society Of Boston
Sculpture Award
The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.
Boit Award
The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts Boston, MA.


The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts
1992-1995 Graduate
The School Of The Museum Of Fine Arts
Fifth Year Program
230 The Fenway
Boston Ma. 02115
1997 Graduate


Keith Joseph Tabellione (1971-2007) - Memorial Service May 18th, 10:30am-1:30pm Hartford, CT

Keith J. Tabellione passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday November 28, 2007.

Keith was born July 10, 1971 in New Britain, CT. He was the loving son of Irma Tabellione and her partner Bruce Campbell of Providence, RI and Joseph Tabellione and his wife Alice of Unionville, CT.

Keith graduated from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts and won the Fifth Year Traveling Scholars Award. He received the Copley Society of Boston's Student Show Award, the Photography Award, the Sculpture Award and the Museum School BOIT Award 2 consecutive years and graced the cover of the Boston Globe Magazine on May 5, 1996.

In Seattle, Keith founded the non-profit organization ArtStar Project. As President, he completely renovated 12,000 sq ft of commercial space to house 12 artist studios which offered artists an affordable work space, class facilities and event space. As Founder and Curator of "The Li'l Red Shack", Keith developed an artist-driven gallery wherein the community and arts could flourish.

Keith exhibited at the Museum School of Fine Arts, Bernard Tolle Gallery, Copley Society, Collusion Gallery, Art Space Gallery, Li'l Red Shack and most recently Julian's of Providence, RI.

Expressing his artistic genius encompassed many contemporary areas including installation art, sculpture, photography, writing and live performance.

Keith will be missed by his maternal grandmother, Elfriede Bisson; aunts and uncles Joanne and Joseph Perez, Carol Lucey, Wayne and Kim Bisson, Thomas and Rita Tabellione, Marianne Tabellione; step-brother Alexander Lindfors; eight cousins, and constant companions, his dog Helmut and cat Zodic.

A memorial service was held on May 18th in Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT - the first park Keith ever enjoyed as a newborn.

To honor his memory, the family has established a scholarship in Keith's name to the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. In lieu of flowers, please make memorial donations payable to SMFA (School of the Museum of Fine Arts), Development Office, 230 Fenway, Boston, MA 02115 with reference to the Keith Tabellione Memorial Fund (in the check memo field).

Too soon taken, you will always be with us.

Memorial Wall

2010-11-16: To my first boyfriend. I'm sorry to hear 3 years too late that you died. And I'm sorry when you tried to kiss me I wouldn't let you, but we were only in 5th grade. I'm also sorry the teachers just didn't understand you back then. Mrs. Engels in particular. Who knew that you slamming your desk every so often was a sign of artistic frustration. You were a gem and one of a kind. I can promise you won't be forgotten. You have left your impression on every one you have ever met.
— Patty Saucier

2010-08-02: Thank you Keith, for all the amazing experiences we had togther at Artstar. I loved helping you create installations, watching bizarre movies in your apartment, and wandering pioneer square with you and Helmut. You are much missed and I think of you as a big inspiration in my life.
— Jeanne Dodds

2010-02-20: We all have a lesson to learn from him particularly me now who has let my life light wane past the point of forgiveness.
— Maximilian Rinzler

2010-02-16: I have that light that strength within me as I now see in him.

And I miss that passion, confidence, strength and excitement. We were great friends, even if we didn't spend a lot of time together, we had a lot of respect for each other. But I have a feeling that Keith had a lot of respect for many people.
— William Brown

2010-02-14: I'm sorry I should have said I know Keith from our time together at the museum school, and with steve kreuger, a close mutual friend, after which time I spent time in Japan studying pottery and lost touch for a while.
— Maximilian Rinzler

2010-02-09: | What a wonderful soul Keith was. It was with deep shock and sorrow that I find this page. He was such a great addition to the Seattle scene. He brought such vision to this city. He is deeply missed.
— Rebecca Felsenfeld Bloom

2010-01-21: If only I could tell you how much I loved you one more time. If only you could love me one last time. I should have said yes. Keith, I'm sorry. I love you now and always save me a dance.
— Willow

2009-12-28: Good memories. In my thoughts forever Keith.
— Chris LaPorte

2009-12-22: I met Keith 20 years ago on Martha's Vineyard. Keith was always so full of love and life. He reminded me often to not take myself to serious and live life to the fullest. We stayed in touch some through the years and I always found solace in his love. The last time I saw him our he was burning bright like the beautiful star he was. Keith never did any thing halfway — all or nothing the way he lived, the way he loved. I am so grateful for the time I got with him and feel like a part of an honored group to have loved and known him.
— Theresia Bettencourt

2009-12-02: Wow, keith was one amazing guy. I went to St Paul High with him and we had many good times together. I was just joking with Bill Toolen about the parties Keith threw before school. Really, it was a site to see, 50 catholic school kids with a keg in the morning. Keith and I saw many Max Creek and Grateful Dead shows together with Todd Davidson and Rick Beradi. As the a matter of fact, the last time I saw keith was in 1991 in Denver at a dead show. I bought him a couple burgers and we shared some laughs. Now he flys with Earl The Pearl and others that have passed before us. TAB PLACE LIVES, D PARK
— Mike Macklosky

2009-06-27: Keith certainly had a zest for life. As manager for the building in Seattle where he created Artstar and the Li'l Red Shack, I had the opportunity to get to know him. He will be missed.
— Jeff Homiak

2009-06-06: To all Family and Friends of Keith,

Although I met Keith briefly in life, he stuck me as a wonderful man. Sometimes frustrating to be with when he got quiet, but brilliant. Glee to us to have him our hearts.
— Matthew Blouin

2009-05-24: I also had no idea Keith was gone. The summer of 1991, we traveled across the country in my little Ford — my Grandmother found Keith's hair extensions in her house for months — he gave me my first mango on a mountain in Colorado. I left for Olympia, and he came to Seattle some years later, and even moved to Olympia for a short time. My children, born in the interim, loved him too. He always made me remember how alive we are. (Keith, I will carry my part of your life close.) I am grateful to read all of these posts. I have no idea why Keith died — it feels like such a stark absence, and this helps. Thank you especially for the posting about Keith as a little boy and the whale.

Where have you gone?
Your artist hands like harbor water
When whales come in close.
— Christine Robbins

2009-05-02: I send my deepest heart felt condolences to Keith's family and all his friends. I have tried to find info on Keith off and on for the last ten years since I left Seattle with my husband Yves and our son Marcel, but somehow never managed to contact him. My last vision of him is dear in my heart. We were just about to get on the plane to fly to Rome where we were moving (and still live today) when Keith and his girlfriend came running up yelling our names as we were just about to board the plane. He had brought a gift. A lovely little book made of wood with a printed inscription on it that said "Since you are leaving and going so far away, I felt I had to give you something of great beauty to take along with you on your journey. After much thought and deliberation I could not come up with a thing. I felt nothing was beautiful enough for 2 such beautiful people. Then it came to me, it was right in front all along. So here I present you with the most beautiful or should say the 2 most beautiful things in the world. Love Keith" and on the next page was a cloth that when lifted up presented a mirror. We both had tears in our eyes as we hugged him so hard with joy and love. We boarded the plane for Rome holding this beautiful gift from him.

Keith was an amazing person. His work influenced me incredibly deeply. I have made many works that took direct influence from his creation of the large format polaroids of the self portrait minotaur images. I have carried the spirit of that show in my heart ever since. He surprised me. He was the door man at the OK Hotel and he always let us in for free. We adored him- his physicality was so intense- covered with tattoos, tall, and like a fierce warrior. Then I discovered that he was an artist. We both had solo shows at Collusion Gallery and it was in that time that I got to know him better. He was a darling man, a pussycat in wolves clothing, a daring and charming man full of amazing creativity. Our young son was very impressed by his tattoos! I am heartbroken to know that I will never see him again. I only hope to be blessed again to see his work which had such a powerful influence on me. I love you Keith and will take the influence you had on me to the grave.
— Sienna Reid

2009-02-22: I knew Keith as a small boy. What a wild man he was. Looks like he turned out to be a pretty fine man, taken too soon. Irma & Joe, my heart breaks for you. Sometimes Google just isn't that much fun.
— Al Franzone

2009-01-06: Keith was a magnetic soul. He was someone who could make things happen and really gave his all to the world. I still can't believe he's gone. I will always remember him.
— Liz Tran

2008-02-06: Keith had an amazingly creative and unique mind; his ideas and what he created both with his artwork and for the community in Seattle were incredible. Keith had a magnetic energy and a huge heart that were truly inspiring. I am so grateful for my time working with him at ArtStar in Seattle. Roger and I will miss him always. Our deepest sympathies to Irma and Bruce and the rest of Keith's family.
— Josie Bockelman

2008-11-02: I just googled Keith's name and found out that he had passed a little less than a year ago. My heart is broken. I met Keith about 18 years ago and we grew very close as friends. I'll never forget our evenings going to play pool and eating vegan dinners at an Ethiopian place in the South End. Or going to a club in Cambridge during a snowstorm and him driving like the devil. I'll never forget seeing his senior show at Museum School and saying good bye to him right before he left for Seattle or the few phone calls sprinkled over the years I got while he lived there. Then the many years of losing touch only to find him once again while he was home for a visit due to a family death. Getting to see him again and playing mini golf, only to say goodbye again.

This is truly a sad day for me to see this site and learn of him gone from this world and completely gone from mine. I'll always remember him as the boy who never knew how much I loved him. And how much his friendship meant to me. I miss him.
— Tiffany Clark

2008-09-02: I almost met Keith a few times at the Museum School while he was working on his Fifth Year project. I remember thinking it seemed like he was everywhere at once. He seemed to know everyone. He moved quickly, smiling all the time, and yelling jokes back towards people he'd just passed in the hallway.
— Kip Lamberg-Karlovsky

2008-07-10: Dear Family and Friends, I am deeply heartbroken to hear of Keith. I was lucky to have become his friend and wife. He was a kind,beautiful free spirit and he still is and will always be.

And you are the family that made him who he was, with all your loving kindness. I miss you all.
— Cecelia Tabellione

2008-07-02: I'm so saddened by the news of Keith's untimely death. I came on board ArtStar in it's early days, and helped with much of the construction of the studio spaces (including my own) as well as the gallery. Though I only knew Keith for about a year, it was a significant year in my life and my career. He was a man of many faces, but the underlying kindness was what I most remember. I've google'd him through the years, but sadly we did not part on the best of terms, as artists working together are want to do. His drive and determination toward ArtStar inspire me to this day. May he find peace.
— Christopher Rico

2008-05-06: Keith and I were close friends.
— Stephen Miller

2008-05-05: O Keith... I am so blessed and grateful to have had the experiences we did. A vast vast love beyond words, time, or space. Mad multi-dimensional love, Eva Marie
— Eva Strickland

2008-02-06: Keith had an amazingly creative and unique mind; his ideas and what he created both with his artwork and for the community in Seattle were incredible. Keith had a magnetic energy and a huge heart that were truly inspiring. I am so grateful for my time working with him at ArtStar in Seattle. Roger and I will miss him always. Our deepest sympathies to Irma and Bruce and the rest of Keith's family.
— Josie Bockelman

2008-01-16: If a life can be measured somehow as a quantity of love then Keith lived a full life; feeling the vast chasms that love offers-the extreme highs and the painful lows. Most ornery people live to be 120. They live their love like a leaking faucet, only letting out the most miniscule of droplets. Keith kept his faucet wide open. If you where in his presents you got drenched before you knew what was happening. Keith sort of set the agenda in that way, he led with his heart and he expected others to do the same. My heart pains to say goodbye. Thank you Keith.
— Shawn Landis

2008-01-13: Oh how the world weeps, weeps for the loss of one of its pure souls. Weeps for the gentle heart that has been taken from us far too soon; weeps for those of us left behind to live our lives without your smile, your laughter, your kind and gentle words. We will weep silently with you in our hearts, minds and deeply, deeply in our souls until we meet again in a better place. You, who are my friend, rest peacefully, while I endure this place without you. Until we meet again.
— Beth White

2008-01-08: Irma, your son accomplished some wonderful things in his short life - I know you are so proud of him! My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you and your family. You're in my thoughts.
— Kathy Radford

2008-01-06: I loved Keith. There was no one like him and never will be again. he was so sensitive to the world around him that it took my breath away. Who will go toboganning with me???? A huge chunk of my heart is gone.
— chugs

2008-01-05: Mi manchi sempre. Sempre mi manchi.
— Lisa DiMatteo

2008-01-02: I have way too many memories of Keith to list them all. He has been a constant presence my whole life, and I am lucky to be able to say that. I looked up to him in my younger days, and then as I got older, began to truly admire a very special way. He always did whatever it was that he wanted--Keith could find a way!! He loved to feel, and he loved to evoke feeling. He was the most unique and creative person I have ever known, finding beauty and inspiration in his everyday life. Wonderfully odd and serendipitous things seemed to happen to him where ever he went. I now know that it was not where he WAS, but it was because he was THERE. I am eternally proud of him, and all of his accomplishments, public and private. The world and all of its beauty and ugliness was his muse, and I now cherish all of the memories I have of we talked for hours in my room, how he'd snuggle right up with Daisy on the couch, how we laughed together and danced together so many times. The two-seater ride of a lifetime we took on International Blvd in Orlando that he told me secrets just between us. The infamous Margarita night at Bob Marley's...Grandpa's funeral/dance party where I laughed so hard at you doing a dead-on Mick Jagger in the backyard. How I cried when you showed up at my graduation party because I was so happy to see you. Grandma's Birthday Party Beer-pong Champions, baby!! Keith, I love you. My friend, my brother, my cousin, a piece of me is gone with you. I give you this piece until we meet again. I will miss you my whole life, and I still can't believe that you had to go so soon. I will miss your wet kisses, your kind eyes, your donkey-laugh :), and most of all I will miss your warm, genuine love. Forever in my blood, and forever in my heart. I love you.
— Marissa Perez

12-30-2007: We will miss your charm. Along with the dog he would come in to get slices for.
— Tim Lloyd

12-27-2007: This is the worst news ever. Keith and I dated several years ago. It was the best and worst time of my life. He brought so many emotions out of me and threw so many back at me. I hadn't talked to him in years but always found myself googling his name and remembering the great time I had with him. He had so much energy and forced the same from you. It still doesn't seem real. My heart and tears go out to his mother, father, aunt, uncles, and everyone else he touched.
— Kimberly Daigle

12-23-2007: I have so many special memories of Keith, and the time we spent together in Boston, Seattle and driving in between. Irma, I am so sorry for your loss, I couldn't even begin to fathom what you must be going through right now, please contact me at your convenience. Love
— Jessie Walsh-Rosenstock

12-21-2007: Keith once told me how as a child he watched a baby humpbackwhale swim really close to him in a harbor. He was full of wonderness and had the gift to bring it alive in others. Have a good journey, friend.
— Sophie Lehar Mikes

12-21-2007: Irma, you now live with one of a parent's worst fears. It is so shocking to hear of the loss of one so vital and young, so warm and loving, so unique and gifted. It is also shocking to hear of your own son's passing. I pray you know peace and comfort in this time of distress and sorrow. Your grief is your own, but I pray knowing that it will not be wasted for Keith inherited some of his special traits from you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family especially in this time of grief. May God's grace be with you and His face shine upon you and give you peace forever.
— Dennis Martin

12-20-2007: Keith, your legend will live on. I will always remember and appreciate the memories that we've made. I always thought that you were the coolest person that I have met. It started in Bristol, down in the bottom level of the house where your waterbed sloshed around and your KISS posters scared me. The glow in the dark skeleton that is still in my sister's room. The night that we watched Masters of the Universe together, and the time that you took me to Scooters to play games. Boston was terrific not only when we met personally but to see the kind of work that you did, displayed in museums, was simply amazing and a blessing. How about the day that you bought a new pair of boots out in Harvard Square and then tossed your olds ones after the 30 second ritualistic trance. You taught me to open my mind and see inside and not the outside of people. Your heart was as god as gold and anyone could attest to that. Seattle was so memorable. I thought it was pretty awesome that you were cool with the bassist from Sound Garden, but that is irrelevant. Artists from all over the city were able to come and concentrate, perform, and build because of your countless hours and dedication to the development of Art Star. I'll never forget your loft with all of the records and sculptures. Helmut hated me then, and he still does. I wish that I was able to know you even better and for longer. I'll miss coming home from work and seeing you lounging on the couch in the living room, drinking Buds together, chasing down criminals and playing pool. I'll miss Your sun-chapped nose and studded Motley Crue hat, after days of work in 95 degree heat. Family gatherings will be painful, but we know that you'll be there with us, with your mother. Your loved Keith, we'll never let your spirit erase. The scholarship in your name will benefit those people that have some Keith in their souls. Even though your aura and persona were one of a kind, you left a piece with all of us, so that your legacy will continue forever. Bristol, to Boston, Seattle, (LA) to Providence, Hard Hittin'. Everywhere you were you left a trail of peace, tranquility and happiness. You've touched countless souls, and bettered the lives of those that have had the opportunity to meet you. I thank you for that. Cousin, Brother, Friend, you will be missed in this life, but a companion for eternity in the next.
— Daniel Perez

12-19-2007: As I read Keith's biography it became clear he was an outstandingly talented artist, a brilliant, skilled, passionate community organizer, and from the guest comments, an inspiring and valued comrade and friend. I love the way he looks in the picture, too. Taken too soon indeed. You and Irma must be in such pain and shock. Although we've never met, please do give Irma my deepest sympathies. I've spent the last two weeks worried about my increasingly sick cat, Max, who is as close to a son as I've got -- and to think of what you and Irma are going through.I'm thinking of you and Irma with love. I'm so terribly sorry for your loss of Keith, and hopeful for what you will discover over time. Please let me know if I (or Bruce of course) can do anything to be helpful.
— Galen Brandt

12-17-2007: I met Keith through a friend in Seattle. He was so energetic, hilarious, and kind-hearted. May he remain a bright star in our memories and in the night sky.
— Anna Tamura

12-16-2007: Irma, I only met Keith once, but saw him through your eyes throughout the years. He could not have asked for a better Mom. Your pride and love were evident every time you spoke of him. I am so very sorry for your loss. I miss you my friend. Love, Cathy
— Cathy Foley

12-13-2007: We were very saddened to hear of Keith's passing. He was so much fun to be with; we always enjoyed his visits. Irma and Bruce, I especially remember how happy he was when you came to L. A. and we walked around Venice. He seemed delighted to introduce you to us. His spirit will live on through his many creations.
— Francine and Bob Lucey

12-13-2007: Keith was one of my most memorable students at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. His energy level, talent and enthusiasm for everything he undertook was remarkable. Keith took all of my classes where he learned to weld, cut and fabricate steel into sculpture. His first effort was a bit of a surprise; he built a cage for his pet iguana! Other pieces followed, many tested his own endurance: a suspended steel "iron maiden" built to his own physical dimensions, became a performance piece in which he enclosed himself for as long as he could bear the isolation. He also used his body as an art site; I watched with fascination as his tattoos multiplied and wound their way up both arms and onto his back - Keith did nothing halfway. Leaving Boston to head to Seattle, Keith crammed a U Haul truck full of his steel sculpture, a load so heavy that just as he passed through the toll gate onto the Mass Pike, the axle broke. So did my heart when I heard that Keith no longer burns brightly in this world. I will never forget him. Joyce McDaniel, Sculpture Faculty, SMFA, Boston,MA
— Joyce McDaniel

12-13-2007: I'll never forget the first time I met Keith - on the dancefloor of Man Ray in Boston back in the early 90s. The room was dark, everyone dressed in black, and there was Keith, dancing so joyfully and lighting the entire room with his energy. I knew in that moment that my world was going to change and indeed it did. His love, support, creativity, and laughter (and oh, that smile!) throughout the years of our friendship had a tremendous impact on me. I was a different person because of his presence in my life, and I am so saddened by the news of his passing. My deepest condolences to his family. He will be truly missed but his memory will remain light and beautiful - as he always was.
— Eve

12-13-2007: Keith, I'll bet that when The Lord met you at the gates of Heaven, He smiled and said "And you must be Keith!" I knew you as a warm and happy child who became an accepting and warm young man. Your artistic talent is legendary. I will always have fond memories of you, Keith. Phil (Mr. Archambeault (Jesse's dad.))
— Philip Archambeault, Jr

12-12-2007: Keith's enormous spirit and generosity filled the Museum School. I especially remember his organizing the largest student contingent to join me as I yearly participated in the AIDS walk as the Museum School Team. He even attached balloons to his many pierced body rings! I hope lively memories will bring some comfort to his family.
— Laura Blacklow

12-12-2007: Keith was a fabulous free spirit, engaged, passionate and a wonderful person to know. He was one of the outstanding students that I had an the Museum School, one that I will not forget. Honoring him by creating a scholarship in his memory will keep his creative spirit alive.
— Mags Harries

12-12-2007: Keith was a great friend - I'll never forget his loft parties and gallery openings in Seattle. They always went until the crack of dawn and Keith's generous personality made everyone feel welcome and excited to be around him. He was a fantastic artist with real ambition and an unconventional take on life, art and community. His passing is a huge loss for all of us who knew him.
— Patte Loper

12-12-2007: Irma, I was shocked and heartbroken to hear of your son's passing today. You always spoke of him with such admiration and obvious love and affection. I think of you with tears in my eyes and hope you are coping well. Find strength in the words here from all that care so much about you.
— Sharon Boney

12-11-2007: Irma, I just want to expres my heartfelt sympathy for this terrible loss. I know only too well the hell in which you are dwelling, and the pain of it all continues to take my breath away. If you ever want to talk with someone who has walked this path, please feel free to call me. I also mentioned to Bruce that there is a support group called Compassionate Friends that meets one Monday night a month. We attended meetings there for almost two years and Sam went on to serve on the board and facilitate at the meetings. If you ever want to try one, I would be happy to go with you. Call any time. 247-0882. Sam and I have been thinking of you ever since we got the call from Deborah. With affection and deep sympathy, Pat Smith
— Pat Smith

12-11-2007: Keith was always so energetic and full of life and laughter; he could always make me smile. I will miss him, the world will miss him. My sympathy to his family.
— Cyndi McLaughlin

12-11-2007: I often saw Keith walking his dog on our street, but I only met him once, when he was doing some work for Jill and Kevin. I wish we could have gotten to know him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time.
— Anne Goodrow

12-11-2007: I only meet Keith once but he left a definite impression. "A creature never meant for mass production". Few things in this life are fair and this is an example greater then most. My saddest and deepest condolences for Keith's family, I am truly sorry for all our loss.
— Eric Brussard

12-11-2007: My thoughts are with you at this sad time. Regards, Toni Emerson
— Toni Emerson

12-11-2007: It's so sad to lose such talent.
— Meghanne Peru

12-11-2007: I'm so saddened by this enormous loss, a personal loss, to me, his family, and to the communities he touched in ways both big and small. I worked with Keith closely at the Museum School. His presence there was tremendous. He also worked with me in my own work and photography, always generous, supportive, and open. I'm very sad to have lost touch with Keith in recent years. Now have only my photographs and memories. They will be a regular reminder of him and his depth. His work was challenging and dynamic, very present and personal. Irma, I met you only a few times, at Keith's wedding and at the Museum School. I know how deep the bond was between you two. I'm so sorry that you have to face such a loss. My heart ad thoughts are with you.
— Robert Siegelman

12-10-2007: You will always be my inspiration. I will miss you too much!
— Jamie Lynch

12-10-2007: May the love of friends and family carry you through your grief.
— Hemelin Sanchez

12-10-2007: Alles hat seine Zeit, die Zeit der Liebe, der Freude und des Gloecks, die Zeit der Sorgen und des Leids. Es ist vorbei. Die Liebe bleibt. Irma, our deepest thoughts are with you, Bruce and your family. Keith will live in our hearts forever. Dagmar & Joerg Splitt, Hildegard & Albrecht Splitt, Ingelore Schneberger
— Joerg Splitt

12-09-2007: I remember the little boy with the big smile and black curly hair showing me slight of hand and magic tricks...I remember the young man coming to my Mother's wake giving me his support and hugs...I remember the man I danced with in his Grandmother's back yard. I still can't believe we've lost our sweet Keith. Now he must live in our minds, our hearts and forever in our prayers. I miss you Keith. Love Anita
— Anita Lombardo

12-09-2007: Keith always challanged me to think about things in a new way during our time at SMFA. I wish his family all the best during this sad time. What I will always remember is that he was always humming something to himself all day long, singing and humming.
— Heidi Marston

12-09-2007: We know Keith as the loving little boy who took special care of our dog Wendy and the talented young man who made everyone so proud. Thinking of Keith will always bring a smile to our face. Irma, please know that you and Bruce are in our thoughts and prayers. Mary & Jim.
— Mary McKenna

12-09-2007: I consider myself lucky that I was able to call Kieth my friend for so many years. The only time someone is truly gone is when they are forgotton. Keith will live forever in my fondest memories. All my best to the family.
— Dave Norton

12-08-2007: Irma, My deepest sympathies and thoughts are with you and your family in this time of your deepest sorrow. God bless you and your family and just know that Keith is now resting with our Lord and Savior for eternity. You are a very dear friend and my prayers are with you and your family. Find comfort in the arms of our Lord. Your friend always, Jerry Mahnke
— Jerry Mahnke

12-08-2007: Dear Irma and Bruce, Our deepest sympathy to you both. We are sorry for your loss of a special son. We are all thinking of you. Love Bernice and Duke;Louise and baby Tara.
— Bernice and Louise Smith

12-08-2007: Dear Irma and Bruce, although I did not meet Keith, I felt like I knew him from Irma's stories - he sounded like such a special person. My heart is just breaking for both of you and all his family and friends. Please know that you are in my thoughts and hope you will somehow find the strength in your memories of him to get you through this difficult time. All my love, Clarice
— Clarice Christofferson

12-07-2007: I too do not know your beloved Keith, but his picture grabbed my attention. You can never overcome the loss, but hopefully in time the memories of laughter and his obvious "huge" influence of others will ease some of your pain. I know what it is like to loose a brother way too early and I am sending all my love to his family and wish I could bottle some strength up for you too. My heart goes out to all his family and friends!
— Cindi Cameron

12-07-2007: You are in my thoughts.
— Mark Mazelli

12-07-2007: What to say at such a devastating time. There is nothing that will ease the pain. I knew Keith in Seattle. He worked so hard to create space for artists here to encourage creativity on all levels. Each time our paths happened to cross I felt his great warmth and kindness. So sad. Wishing you strength. My husband died unexpectedly recently. I know the pain you are feeling. Nothing will make it better but knowing he was greatly loved was a comfort to me, I hope it is a comfort to you. Cathryn Vandenbrink
— Cathryn Vandenbrink

12-07-2007: Irma, I am very sorry for your loss. May beautiful memories give you strength at this difficult time.
— Nora Malicay

12-06-2007: Irma, Keith was such an unique individual and made you so proud so many times. I hope remembering those times and experiences will help you work through this devastating loss. You, Bruce and Keith's family are in my heart and thoughts. Please know that I care. Bruce, please hug Irma for me and hold onto her real tight.
— Julianne Prenovost

12-06-2007: We were saddended to hear about Keith's passing. Our thoughts and well wishes are with Irma, Bruce and family.
— Kevin & Jill Torchia

12-06-2007: I didn't know Keith, but was born 1 month to the day after him and just loved his smile in the picture. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
— Anonymous

12-06-2007: To Keith's family. Words cannot describe how saddened I was to hear of your loss. Keith was like a brother to me and will miss him dearly. Kindest Regards, Jesse Archambeault
— Jesse Archambeault

12-06-2007: To the family - may you find comfort, peace and joy in the powerful memories of such an awesome spirit's as Keith. Many of us at Siemens know only too well that life is precious and each day is a gift.I know that Keith was blessed to have you as a mother. I know this because you have shown me such kindess and heart with my own Mother's passing almost one year ago. WE are here for each other in this life! lv, Jill B
— Jill Blockson

12-06-2007: To the Family: I am so very sorry for your loss. Keith was a gift to us all, in all of his being. I fully understand the situation you are in, and I will be in touch with you all soon. You have my deepest condolances.
With love,
— Andrew Walker

12-05-2007: I'm so sorry to hear of Keith's passing. I remember fondly spending time with him when we were in Los Angeles. I'll be keeping Bruce and Irma in my thoughts.
— Brian Schowengerdt